Oil on glass stop motion animation of the endometriosis.
BRAND: Libresse & Bodyform
The campaign film directed by Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominated Nisha Ganatra,  has been created to dispel myths, encourage a positive conversation and address the life-changing moments in a woman’s life, from miscarriages and the menopause to endometriosis..


  • Immortal Awards, Winner
  • Cannes Lions Awards, HEALTH & WELLNESS – Grand Prix
  • Cannes Lions Awards, FILM CRAFT – Grand Prix
  • Cannes Lions Awards, HEALTH & WELLNESS – 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 4x Shortlisted
  • Cannes Lions Awards, FILM CRAFT – 1x Gold, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze
  • D&AD Awards, ART DIRECTION, FILM – Black Pencil
  • D&AD Awards, ANIMATION – Yellow Pencil
  • The One Show Awards – 3x Best in Discipline
  • The One Show Awards – 6x Gold Pencils, 3x Silver Pencils, 1x Bronze Pencil
  • NYF Advertising Awards, ANIMATION –Gold
  • Creative Pool , WINNER – Grand Prix
  • Creative Circle Awards, WINNER – Gold of Golds
  • British Arrows , ANIMATION (2D & STOP MOTION) – Silver


“One of the film’s animators, Carine Khalife – who brought the endometriosis monster to life – has endometriosis herself, and Lossgott explains how this helped convey genuine emotion.
The expressions of these metaphorical worlds were so important, and that they would viscerally land within the people watching,” says Lossgott. “I think that that expression, and the visceral nature of her artwork, that pain, and the feeling, and the anger within the expression of that really comes across, and really lands with you, as the viewer, in articulating a disease and a condition that is so incredibly hard to articulate and recognise.” DANDAD

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