Music video 4’07
Stop motion oil on glass and sculptural animation
Band: Makeunder
Label: Good Eye Records



Menzione Speciale Videoclip, Corto Splash IV (Italia)

Melhor Técnica de Animação, Animacine (Peru)

Silver Elefant Best Music Video, Short Film Breaks (Bucharest)


  • Spark CG Festival (Vancouver)
  • TMFF
  • Imaginaria (Italia)
  • Motion Festival (Cyprus)
  • Manlleu Film Festival (Spain)
  • Corto Splash (Italie)
  • Turku Animated Film Festival (Finland)
  • Festival Internacional de cine de Ituzaingo (Argentina)
  • 18e Monstra – Festival de Animação de Lisboa (Portugal)
  • III Festival internacional de Cine Online FeelFest
  • Short Film Breaks (Bucharest)
  • Animacine (Peru)
  • International Tour Film Festival (Italia)


“This video is phenomenal. Its rich, vibrant hues almost pop out of the screen at you. Carine captured the emotion of the song quite perfectly, as the video is in constant motion and you don’t feel like you have a bearing on yourself while watching it.” – Meredith Schneider. IMPOSE

“The video for Makeunder’s “Great Headless Blank” turns a story of devastating grief into an emotionally vibrant animated painting.” – Francesca Capossela, Vice

“As much as the work is emotional it is also extremely visual. To accompany the title track Ulmer has released a video created by Carine Khalife. It captures and beautifully illustrates the moment of being completely immersed in grief, carrying you through convulsing shapes orbiting one central figure.” – Rory Foster, The Line of Best Fit